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How much does it cost?

Our services are provided free of charge when you advertise with Yahoo! JAPAN.

Are there any products or services that can’t be advertised on Yahoo! JAPAN?

Advertisements for some types of products and services are prohibited on Yahoo! JAPAN. Please see Yahoo! JAPAN’s list of unacceptable advertisements for more details.

In addition to the list above, we cannot promote online dating services or marriage agencies.

If you need more information, please get in touch.

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Can SoftBank Telecom Europe create banners for display advertisements?

SoftBank Telecom Europe can’t create banners for display ads, but we can advise you on banner size and type. Get in touch

Can SoftBank Telecom Europe manage my account?

SoftBank Telecom Europe can’t manage your account for you, but we can advise you and provide training sessions.

Can I use the bulk sheet we already use with other advertising services?

You can use a bulk sheet, but you will need to update the file. We can help you to do this.

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