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5 Things You Need To Know For Christmas PPC Campaigns In Japan

5 things you need to know for Christmas PPC Campaigns in Japan

December is fast approaching, which means as digital marketers we need to make some campaign adjustments for Christmas promotions. Do you have the know-how for creating effective Japanese Christmas campaigns? Our PPC experts have come up with 5 things you need to know for a successful Christmas digital ad campaign in Japan.

1. Only 2% of Japanese are Christian but the entire country celebrates Christmas

Japan has only a very small Christian population, so Christmas was never traditionally a largely celebrated holiday. Over the past few decades, however, it’s become a festivity that has become more common to celebrate in a uniquely Japanese way. Mainly, people celebrate with friends or as a couple with parties and special Christmas-themed dinners. In addition, gift-giving has certainly become popular and Christmas has become a key month for retailers in Japan. Whether its offline or online, retailers see an influx of people looking to buy a gift for their friends or partner.

Fun fact: Japan’s unofficial, extremely popular Christmas dinner is Kentucky Fried Chicken, followed by a “Christmas cake”.

2. It’s a holiday for couples

Japanese couple on Christmas Eve

Although people celebrate Valentine’s Day in Japan, Christmas Eve is considered the most romantic day of the year. Japanese couples, especially those of younger generations, book dinners at high-end restaurants, much like couples do for Valentine’s Day in the west. Retailers sell romantic Christmas gifts and the streets are decorated to perfection to embody this most romantic day. For your Christmas campaign, try adding a set of keywords that will target couples.

3. Christmas-related keywords start to soar in November

Search volumes for Christmas-related keywords like “Christmas present” start to increase from the beginning of November. Don’t miss this opportunity to start early with your online Christmas promotions in Japan.

4. Fashion and luxury brands do particularly well

We see fashion clients experience the highest sales boost after October. Not surprisingly, luxury products also do exceptionally well while couples are expected to find ways of impressing each other on this most romantic occasion.

Conversions on Yahoo! JAPAN - fashion industry - Christmas - 2017 & 2018

5. Increase your remarketing and display ads budgets

We recommend boosting your remarketing and display ad budgets instead of increasing across the board. Based on Yahoo! JAPAN’s data, YDN display ads outperformed search ads and remarketing conversions were significantly higher than regular campaigns for fashion clients.

Conversions on Yahoo! JAPAN - fashion industry - Christmas - remarketing vs non-remarketing

Now that you know how to target the Japanese audience during the holiday season, let’s get your Christmas campaigns started! Given that December is a key month for sellers, it is essential to run PPC campaigns. This is especially the case as this ad type is fully measurable. In fact, it is particularly useful for retailers who want to launch Christmas campaigns as they can calculate exactly what it costs to acquire a purchase and gain a clear understanding of true seasonal ROI. Through PPC campaigns, our team can provide reports to inform clients of the quality of those users and determine how much it would cost to gain a customer.

Here’s why you need to know more about Christmas PPC campaigns:

  • PPC delivers exceptional ROI for your Christmas campaigns
  • Festive seasons are key to obtain conversions

Uncover the most effective way into gain customers and see what other competitors are doing for inspiration. Contact us for support in how to drive a substantial sales increase through Christmas campaign strategies.

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