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Popular AI Chatbots Present Great Tech Opportunities In Japan

Popular AI chatbots present great tech opportunities in Japan

Japan has become world famous for its incredibly polished customer service. And it’s not something you would only find at luxury hotels or leisure resorts. In fact, you’ll find that just about any shop or restaurant, regardless of size, will have staff greet customers in the most courteous way.

Some sociologists believe that this phenomenon of courteous service comes from the importance of respect and humility that are deeply ingrained into Japanese culture. With the aim to provide the best customer service everywhere, this behaviour is greatly evident in both offline and online shopping experiences.

As you may already know, Japan has a unique culture with a mix of old traditions and modern inventions. Its tech-friendly ecosystem is the reason behind the country’s popularity of various virtual systems, assistants, and gadgets that rely on chatbot assistance software.

AI assisted chatbots - tech companies in Japan

However, due to a fast growth in the aging population of Japan, companies are now looking into the use of AI-powered chatbots for customer service. Our internal data shows that many US-based, AI tech companies have started to fully localise their websites and services into Japanese. Moreover, this has allowed them to begin PPC branding promotions for the Japanese Market.

Other data shows that with the decrease of young workers in Japan, government spending on AI-based initiatives almost doubled from 2016 to 2019. As a result, Japanese companies are looking to find new innovations of AI that allow chatbots and AI technologies to offer human-like customer service.

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