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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Game Should Be In Japan

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Game Should Be In Japan

Are you a gaming company looking to enter the Asian market? Many game publishers are focused on starting with China when in fact it’s one of the most challenging markets to enter – especially for gaming companies. Even Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has partnered with Tencent to launch their new Switch console this year.
With the history of video games in Japan, it may not come as a surprise to hear that Japan is the third largest games market in the world. Only to be preceded by China and the USA, Japan is an attractive market to tap into. Here are the top three reasons why your game should be in Japan.

1. Japan is the world’s third largest gaming market

Digital Game Revenues 2019

The gaming industry in Japan started in the 60’s and during the “bubble” economy we saw some of the world’s most iconic games develop. Mario, Pac-man and Sonic the Hedgehog were all born during this era – all which have impacted the direction of the gaming world.

Today, Japan comes in third place in terms of digital game revenues. Even if you combined Germany, UK and France’s revenue, it doesn’t surmount Japan’s gaming market.

Yes, the history of gaming in Japan contributes to a culture that is open to games and gaming culture. Yet it is not the only reason why digital games are so popular. Long commute times and excellent 4G coverage across the country – even on subways – may by one of the reasons why there are so many game app users and high game app purchases.

2. The number of PC game and game app users in Japan are growing

Game Users in Japan 2016, 2017, 2018

We just mentioned how access to 4G during long commutes may attribute to the growth in the Japanese gaming industry. Accordingly, this is evident in the number of game app users compared to console game users in Japan. PC game users have also seen an increase. As you can see, this is a great time to target the Japanese audience with game apps and PC games.

3. Japanese people spend the most on mobile game apps

Mobile Game App revenue per paying user 2017

Source: AppsFlyer, “The State of Gaming App Marketing”, November 2017.

The Japanese have long been known for spending money for quality products that bring good value. This rings true for game apps as well. According to AppsFlyer, Japan spends the most on mobile game apps. If CPA and ROAS are on your mind, your marketing activities in Japan may very well be worth while seeing these numbers.


Although localising a game into another language and entering a new market may seem daunting, the numbers show that the market is strong and will be worth the investment. That said, there is always the challenge of entering the Japanese market successfully. The Japanese audience, although they are becoming more like their Western counterparts, do have different consumer behaviours. In addition, the Japanese language is a difficult one to master, let alone optimise for high-performance ad copy transcreation. Consequently, we strongly recommend localising websites and landing pages correctly before running PPC campaigns. Our team of Japanese Digital Marketing experts have extensive experience helping companies enter the Japanese market successfully. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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