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All Eyes On Japan And Its Rise In Tourism

All Eyes on Japan and its Rise in Tourism

Did you know that the annual number of travellers to Japan topped 30 million for the first time? It is believed to have reached 31 million by the end of 2018!

This rise in tourism in Japan is great news for the country. Being able to attract tourists from all over the world leads to greater international understanding of Japan and more exchanges with people from abroad.

The increased consumption by tourists now plays an important role in the business of retail sectors such as department stores in all major Japanese cities. With its rapidly aging and shrinking population, the benefits that come with foreign consumer demand has become essential for the Japanese economy.


2020 Tokyo Olympics

2020 Tokyo Olympics Boosting Foreign Visitors

In 2020, the Japanese capital will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time from July 24 to August 9. It’s been fifty-six years since Japan last hosted the Olympic Games.

Some of the largest tourism organisations in Japan expect the number of inbound tourists to grow over 15% even prior to the 2020 Olympics. As the demand for tourist accommodation increases, we are seeing a great opportunity for the hospitality industry.

In fact, the number of hotel bookings by user has increased since a new law in Japan was passed. This new regulation requires temporary home accommodations – such as Airbnb – to register and obtain a license number.

Travel and Hospitality Industries in Japan on the Rise

To deal with the influx of travellers, new boutique hotels have started popping up and are gaining popularity. In addition, major hotel chains are looking to expand in the Japanese market.

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