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Why its recommended to advertise with ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’

SoftBank Telecom Europe Why It's Recommended to Advertise with Yahoo! JAPAN

Last time, we explained what the difference is between Yahoo! JAPAN and Yahoo Inc. This time we would like to suggest why you should advertise with Yahoo! JAPAN.

History of ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’

‘Yahoo! JAPAN’ was established in 1996 as the result of a joint-venture between American web portal ‘Yahoo! Inc.’ and Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. The company gained a decisive advantage from entering the Japanese market at an early stage and quickly became the most popular web portal in the country. Ranking number 1 at a national level and 15th worldwide. Recently challenged by the international ascent of Google, ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’ nevertheless remains a staple for brands who wish to advertise their products in the peninsula.

Yahoo! JAPAN’s strengths

The company today generates more revenue than its mother company ‘Yahoo! Inc.’ before it was acquired by Verizon last year. The audience of ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’ consists of over 51 million people, which accounts for the high 78% penetration reach rate among internet users in Japan. Traffic further peaks at 61.1 billion pages visited each month. Although registration is not compulsory on the user end, 28.2 million accounts are active monthly, highlighting the capacity of ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’ to retain half of its audience.

Get in touch

For all these reasons, ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’ is key to your success in Japan. Get in touch with SoftBank Telecom Europe to start advertising on Japan’s largest internet portal and expand your reach. Our marketing and cultural expertise guarantees you with the best return on investment and will help you maximise profits. Whether you are just getting started or have already a plan in mind, our team will be happy to assist you along your journey. To get in touch, simply click on the button below.

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