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What is the Golden Week in Japan?

SoftBank Telecom Europe What is the Golden Week in Japan

Rightly or wrongly, one popular stereotype of the Japanese working culture is long working hours and very little time off. However, in Japan there is a prolonged holiday called Golden Week at the end of April.

It consists of four national holidays that make up Golden Week and many companies decide to shutdown for the entire week. Including the weekends, it’s total of 9 days off. For this reason, Golden Week is an extremely popular time to travel. Flights, trains, and hotels are often fully booked despite significantly higher rates at this time. Also, Golden Week always offers a variety of great things to do, from food festivals and traditional matsuri to the Rainbow Pride parade, outdoor music festivals and unmissable art shows, while there’s plenty going on just outside of the big cities as well.

It’s also a time when the Japanese like to travel abroad, as flying to far destinations becomes more worthwhile. It is an ideal time for the travel industry whether it covers local trips within Japan or international destinations. This year, a search trend of countries in Central and South America has been increasing. Needless to say, Golden Week has become an essential time for holiday makers.

Trivia! Why is it called Golden Week? Well the interesting thing is that this name is said to have come from the movie industry. In 1951 a movie called Jiyu-gakko(自由学校)was released during this season. And never before such high cinema attendance was seen. Due to this reason, many started calling it the ‘golden’ period for the film industry and the myth has stayed labeling this prolonged holiday as ‘Golden Week.’

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