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Is Yahoo! JAPAN the same as Yahoo Inc.?

SoftBank Telecom Europe Is Yahoo! JAPAN the same as Yahoo Inc

Many people will be familiar with the ‘Yahoo’ logo. 
During the Internet boom years of the late 1990s, Yahoo was one of the market leaders, at one stage their search engine was the most popular across Europe and the United States.

However, Yahoo Inc. no longer exists. Verizon has completed its deal to acquire Yahoo. Has the Yahoo era ended?

Actually, in Japan, the Yahoo brand lives on as ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’.

In 1996, SoftBank* became the primary shareholder of U.S.Yahoo Inc and together they established and launched a join venture, Yahoo! JAPAN.

Yahoo! JAPAN was launched as the Internet’s Japanese-language search engine, providing Japanese-language website database and directory tree data search as well as keyword search services.
*SoftBank article:

Currently, Yahoo! JAPAN has the highest market share for smartphones and laptops that reach Japanese Internet users.

Why Japanese people use Yahoo! JAPAN?

Yahoo! JAPAN is not just a search engine, offering over one hundred complimentary services for their Japanese users which include, e-mail, news, Internet auction, payment services, travel reservation, broadband services and games

Users can create Yahoo! JAPAN IDs, that can be used with a range of services.
For example, users can make payments with their YJ Wallet, bid on Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions, comment on Yahoo! JAPAN News and communicate with Yahoo! JAPAN Mail.

Yahoo! JAPAN News is very popular and you can often overhear people discussing the daily headlines. Yahoo! JAPAN’s Top News is a kind of status for Japanese celebrities, with some celebrities tweeting their delight at making the top news.

Do you want to know more about Yahoo! JAPAN?

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