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Myth of Sushi

SoftBank Telecom Europe Myth of Sushi

For many of us, Sushi is the first name that strikes us when Japanese cuisine is mentioned. Sushi is perhaps the best known Japanese food dish.
In fact, Japanese food has become so popular over the world that the word washoku, like French cuisine, is considered an “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO.

Japanese cuisine is infiltrating every corner of the world at an impressive rate.
But many people that visit Japan are surprised to find out that eating Sushi in Japan can be a whole different experience to what they are used to in their country.

This is because for the Japanese real sushi isn’t just food; it’s a form of art. Sushi chefs spend years making nothing but rice before they’re even allowed to put knife to the fish. The attention to detail and respect for ingredients is second to none. So, when you visit a Sushi restaurant in Japan it is very likely that you will find the experience very different. For the most part, the large selection of fishes and variety of dishes are immense. Also, eating good quality Sushi doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. All over Japan you can find Kaiten Sushi restaurants are as cheap as fast-food chains.

Kaiten sushi, or kaitenzushi as it is pronounced in Japanese, is sushi that may be considered fast-food sushi, as opposed to sushi served at a traditional sushi restaurant. The sushi at kaitenzushi restaurants are on plates that sit on a rotating conveyor-belt that runs through the restaurant and by every table and counter seat.

Whether you on a budget or not, visiting a Sushi restaurant in Japan is definitely worth trying! And if you are true sushi lover, a popular destination to visit is the Tsukiji Market, the Mecca of seafood in Tokyo where chefs buy their ingredients, and you can experience the energy and passion of all those that are involved in this industry.

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